Sleeping System – Gear Review

The day after bagging my first peak on the Pacific Crest Trail, my sleeping pad acquired a slow leak. I didn’t realize until I woke up in the middle night flat on the rocky ground and wildly uncomfortable. I re-inflated it, only to wake up a little later on the ground again. I got next to […]

Idyllwild to Big Bear

So I wrote a whole post about this section and apparently I accidentally deleted it. As a result, ill post a quick update for the sake of continuity, but it probably won’t be very detailed. Mette, ICU and I split from the boys and headed to Idyllwild. ICU stayed at the campground while Mette and […]

Wednesday and early Thursday (Big Bear to Wrightwood)

I’ve heard a new way of measuring progress in the desert, and I really like it. Monday – Mile 0-100 Tuesday – Mile 100-200 Wednesday – Mile 200-300 Thursday – Mile 300-400 Friday – Mile 400-500 Saturday – Mile 500-600 Sunday – Mile 600-700 (approximately Kennedy Meadows and the start of the High Sierra) As […]

Starting Week 2 – The Breaking of the Fellowship

Day 9: Start: Warner Springs (mile 109.5) End: Mike’s Place! (Mile 127.5) This was my longest hike yet (18miles), so we woke up early and headed out from the Warner Springs Community Centre. I was the first one to break camp, and the first few miles were across farm fields. The sun hadn’t risen yet, […]


A couple of years ago, my father recommended a book to me (I bet many of you have heard of it…). The conversation went something like this: Dad: You should check out this book/movie Wild, I think you would like it. Do you want to borrow it? Me: What’s it about? Dad: This woman loses her mother […]