The Laugavegur Trail: 36 Miles Across Southern Iceland

Note: this article originally appeared on The Trek, which you can read here. The Laugavegur Trail is a 36-mile trail stretching across southern Iceland, featuring a terrain diversity similar to the PCT: desert, glaciers, mountains, and forests. Imagine you somehow combined Mordor and the Shire, and that mental image will come close to approximating the beauty […]

La Cloche Silhouette Trail: 48 Miles in the Canadian Shield

Note: this article originally appeared on The Trek, which you can read here. La Cloche Silhouette Trail is a 48-mile trail found in Killarney Provincial Park in Northern Ontario. The signage in the park suggest taking a minimum of seven to ten days to hike the trail, but anyone with decent backcountry experience can do it […]

The Great Trail: Connecting Canada 15,000 Miles from Sea-to-Sea

This project is immense, so sections of the trail are managed by local bodies while the Trans-Canada Trail Foundation pioneers the dream of a complete Canadian trail network to span ecosystems and geology as diverse as one could imagine.

Quebec: The Great Trail Planning Resource

Quebec is a wonderful section of the Great Trail to cycle. Most of the trails are made for it, and the bike infrastructure in cities is well done. The most iconic of these bike routes is the Route Verte which encompasses 5300km of bikes trails. Many of the GT sections in Quebec are part of […]

New Brunswick: The Great Trail

New Brunswick contains over 900 km of the Great Trail and connects the PEI, Quebec, and Nova Scotia sections to each other. It is home to some enormous forests and the northern Appalachian Mountains. It is the only province to have both French and English listed as its official languages, and about 1/3 of the […]

Prince Edward Island: The Great Trail Planning Resource

Prince Edward Island is the simplest section of the Great Trail to plan. It consists of a single trail: The Confederation Trail. The famous Confederation Bridge leads from the mainland to P.E.I. If you’re hiking or cycling, you’ll need to take the ferry.  This 449.46 km trail (ideal for walking or cycling) will take you […]

Newfoundland and Labarador: The Great Trail

It turns out that Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the easiest province to plan hiking the GT – there are only three sections (plus the ferry you use to arrive from the mainland). While none of the trail extends into Labrador, Newfoundland is spanned by a beautiful trail called the T’Railway Trail, which was […]

Nunavut: The Great Trail Planning Resource

Nunavut contains less than 200 km of the Great Trail. The majority of that is the Itijjagiaq (Inuktitut for “over the land”) Trail which begins on the southern shore of Frobisher Bay. Rugged and unmarked, this trail is not for the inexperienced hiker. It is rough, rocky, and includes frigid stream crossings. You can do […]

The Great Trail Planning Omnibus

So here is the grand overview of the Great Trail Planning Guide. I’ll be updating this post with links as each piece of the map is published. I’m going to generally work from East to West, hopping up to include the Territories when it seems appropriate. The Maritimes Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward […]