Prince Edward Island is the simplest section of the Great Trail to plan. It consists of a single trail: The Confederation Trail.

The famous Confederation Bridge leads from the mainland to P.E.I. If you’re hiking or cycling, you’ll need to take the ferry. 

This 449.46 km trail (ideal for walking or cycling) will take you from one tip of the province to the other, with the main section of the trail starting in Tiginish and ending in Elmira. In addition, there are side braches that lead to Charlottetown, Souris, Georgetown and more. There are six junctions that divide the trail into sections: Emerald, Royalty, Mt. Stewart, New Harmony, Cardigan and Wood Islands North, all of which can be found on this detailed map. The Trans-Canada Trail offers their own map which is less cluttered.


Fun fact: P.E.I was the first province to complete its section of the Great Trail. It probably helps that it’s also the smallest province. Despite it’s small size, it is home to 23 Provincial Parks (and one National Park).


There are multiple organizations that offer cycling tours of the Confederation Trail. In the winter, this trail is exclusively reserved for snowmobiles. If you want to do it on your own, this cycle guide will provide you will all the information you need.

Camping reservations in the Provincial and National Parks need to be made online or by calling the park. There is no backcountry camping in PEI’s Provincial or National Parks. There is a myriad of other accommodations available throughout the province.


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