Newfoundland and Labarador: The Great Trail

It turns out that Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the easiest province to plan hiking the GT – there are only three sections (plus the ferry you use to arrive from the mainland). While none of the trail extends into Labrador, Newfoundland is spanned by a beautiful trail called the T’Railway Trail, which was converted from old railbeds. It is an all-purpose trail The T’Railway is not perfectly contiguous as some sections have been broken due to urban development. Most of these seem to have road reroutes or bypasses in place, but apparently there are also some breaks along the trail in Conception Bay South and on the Carbonnear branch.



 Section Distance (km)  Type  Managing Body
North Sydney to Port-Aux-Basques Ferry  178.5 Ferry Marine Atlantic Ferries
Newfoundland T’Railway Trail  872.52 Gravel Trail Newfoundland T’Railway Council

Newfoundland Tourism

 Grand Concourse Trail  30.15 Gravel Trail Newfoundland T’Railway Council

Grand Concourse Authority

 East Coast Trail 310.22  Natural Trail East Coast Trail Association


The best time to hike Newfoundland is between June and September. There is no trail maintenance or conditions updates throughout the winter. Be aware of the weather forecast while hiking here, as severe storms can blow in from the sea in any seasons.

This list gives exact distances between towns along the T’Railway, which should make planning resupply and town accommodations simple enough. There are also camping options available, though you will likely need to reserve sites ahead of time while in Provincial or National Parks.

You can camp along the East Coast Trail, either in established sites or near the trail. There are designated camp sites; these can only be reached by hikers and cannot be booked in advance. This trail also passes through many small communities with accommodations available.

Additional Resources

The T’Railway Association suggests buying this mapbook written by Sue Lebrecht (published by Canadian Geographic Enterprises) for more detailed trail and camping information. This topographic mapbook would also be beneficial for those interested in detailed elevation profiles or camping on trail.

East Coast Trail Maps can be purchased by section or you can buy the entire set). For less experienced hikers, there are also guided hikes available.

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