So here is the grand overview of the Great Trail Planning Guide. I’ll be updating this post with links as each piece of the map is published. I’m going to generally work from East to West, hopping up to include the Territories when it seems appropriate.

The Maritimes

nova_scotia 2

Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick

Eastern Canada



Ontario contains over 20% of the GT, so I broke it down into more reasonably sized pieces.

  • Eastern Ontario
  • Southwestern Ontario
  • Northwestern Ontario

The Prairies

sask 1



The Rockies/West Coast

kananaskis 2
Photo: S. Olthof


British Columbia

The Arctic

yukon 1


Northwest Territories


One thing to remember when traversing the Great Trail is to keep safety first and foremost in your mind. When talking about long distance hiking, people tend to think of the dangers of the back country – bears, lack of water, getting lost in the wilderness. There is no question that those back country hazards are worth note.

However, while researching about the GT, I came across this heartbreaking story about a woman who was killed cycling a road section of the trail. Personally, I have been on a few road sections where the shoulders are narrow. When cars are flying by at 80, 90, 100+ km/hr, you are reminded just how fragile your little bicycle and body are. If the suggested road section is not ideal, consider adjusting your plans and rerouting through less trafficked roads.



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