I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the Great Trail lately, writing a piece for theTrek.co (will be up in a few weeks!).

However, I have not found a lot of great resources for planning a hike. Where is the list of all the sections? What towns to they pass through? The Trans-Canada Trail has a very in-depth interactive map that they point to as their key planning resource, and suggest contacting their local partners for more specific information about sections of the trail. I suppose this makes sense since they oversee the trail while sections are actively managed by local groups.

Screenshot of the interactive map tool.

Personally, I am more of a lists and spreadsheets kind of gal. I wanted to track down exactly how much of the Great Trail I have already completed, and have a reference file to track future sections that I do. While I was putting this information together, I thought that there might be others looking for a similar resource.

I was on the Great Trail and didn’t even know it! Also featured: my dad and brother. We biked from Montreal to Quebec City a couple of years ago. (Photo: S. Olthof)

As such, I have taken all the data I’ve put together and put it together into a planning resource for other people planning to hike the Great Trail. It is a lot of information, so I have broken it down into sections (mostly by province, but sometimes even smaller). I’ll be posting an omnibus later today that will stay pinned to my home page throughout this project. It will link to all of the detailed posts about each section of the trail.

Note: I am not an employee of the Trans-Canada Trail association. I do not own any of the information provided in this guide, I am just trying to present it in a fashion that I useful for planning purposes. 

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