I discovered the Trek by following up on a book I read while planning my PCT thru-hike – Appalachian Trials, by Zach (Badger) Davis. I genuinely believe that if I hadn’t read that book, I would probably not have made it as far in California as I did, and I doubt I would have gone back to do the Oregon section later in the summer. It’s about mentally preparing to thru-hike (and dealing with the aftermath). For me it helped me narrow down the reasons that I was there, which carried me through difficult times.

Anyways. This isn’t an ad for Appalachian Trails, I just really liked that book. Fast-forward to this spring. I’d started writing on this blog again by fleshing out some posts that had been sitting in my drafts since last summer. I was interested in taking my writing further, and one day while browsing the Trek (looking at thru-hiking sites and forums takes up a lot of my spare time), I saw that they were looking for writers. I applied, and they decided to take me on! I am thrilled to say that I will be writing pieces for the Trek on an on-going basis. Those pieces will eventually be re-posted here, but if you want to check out my work when it’s released, check out my writer’s page here.

Thanks for everyone’s support of me and my writing.

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