The day we got to Acton KOA was hot. Really hot. Mette, Chris and I wanted to crush that 14 miles as early as possible. Despite that, by 9am or so it was sweltering. We tried to distract ourselves from it by playing music (and singing badly) and word games (I won).

We passed Sphagnum PI and Drippy hiding in some shade after taking a quick break.

“Cause I’m free!” We shouted at them as we passed. “free fallin’! I’m freeee-eee-ee!” They laughed at us.

“See you at the KOA” They shouted.

“See you at the pool!” We replied.

Yes, the KOA has a pool. As our word games devolved into thinking up creative words for heat (sweltering-scorching-inferno-sweaty-hot mess-hellish-fire and brimstone-scalding), the thought of the pool pushed us through. Honestly, we didn’t bring enough water. By the last few miles I was dizzy. The word games had fallen into silence and all that was left was the tinny sound of my classic rock playlist coming out of my phone speakers. I fixated on the music and the sound of my feet crunching in the sand.

And then, we were there. Sitting at a picnic table under green shady trees, gazing longingly at the pool, faced with a horrific dilemma.

Food first or pool first?

Our hiker stomachs won that battle and we got a ride into Acton to hit up the grocery store. Our resulting plunder gives good reason to the idea that you should never grocery shop when hungry. Especially hiker hungry. We collectively bought:

  • Half a watermelon
  • Raspberries
  • Carrots
  • A yellow pepper
  • A whole margarita pizza
  • Tostitos
  • Pringles
  • Guac
  • An entire jar of olives
  • Peanuts (in shells)
  • Beer

And that doesn’t include our actual resupply groceries.

It was glorious though. We felt like kings of the KOA. Uh-uh came and partook in our snacks, then Drippy and Sphagnum showed up and we all jumped in the pool.

Chris won the cannonball competition, and the distance swimming in one breath. Not that surprising since he spent half his military career working as a diver.

What a lovely day. Good food, clean laundry, good company. We ran into Coppertone for the third time today, but I​ was too dehydrated for an ice cream float this time, I felt like it would just make me queasy. He gave me a big glass of water though, which was perfect.

But really, don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry. You’ll end up with a very strange assortment of things. 

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