Hiker hunger

Defined to me by a trail angel as “every single time I opened my food bag, I had to restrain myself from eating every single thing inside.

Sometimes we’ll start talking about a certain kind of food on trail and it will be an obsession for days. One day five of us stopped midhike to determine the proper translation of a Danish food (we decided it was a “compote”). Deciding how much food to pack out of town is a serious matter. I want to have enough food, but I don’t want the additional weight of too much food. The other day, I was pretty sure I didn’t have enough food to last me to the next town so I spent all day deciding exactly what I was allowed to eat for the next 4 days (I ended up getting off trail a town earlier than expected so I did not end up going hungry).
I don’t think I have fully fledged hiker hunger yet…but it’s certainly building.

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