Day 6

Start: Scissors Crossing (mile 77)

End: Mile 85.5

Trail angels delivering water (and a pep talk) to mile 77.

I got a ride from a trail angel and hooked back up with the crew at mile 77. I still felt like I wanted to take it easy so I hiked about 9 miles that day and camped on a ridge. I wanted to stay up and watch the sunset over the hills, but I fell asleep. Oh well.

Embracing the midday siesta has been key to surviving the desert heat.

Day 7

Start: Mile 85.5

End: Mile 101.3

I do not like the desert heat. I feel like I wilt as soon as the midday sun strikes me. And the worst part? It’s actually been pretty mild so far. I think the hottest day we had was around 25°C, which is actually very reasonable summer weather. However, I just cannot seem to power through it. Therefore, I am adopting the siesta method of hiking – wake early and knock off half or most of your miles by around 11 or 12. Spend the next few hours napping, reading, eating, maybe throw in another mile or two. Then around 4 start hiking again and pull into camp around sunset. See the view below? Evening hiking is awesome. 

I crossed the 100 mile mark today! It was a very satisfying mile marker to see written on the ground. 

Day 7 was a long day, and I hiked around 16 miles. Actually, I think that may be my longest day yet. I’m slowly building up the endurance. My friends got ahead of me on day 6, but I made plans to meet up with them in Warner Springs. 

Day 8

Start: Mile 101.3

End: Warner Springs Community Centre Mile 109.5 

I started hiking pretty early today, so I got to see the sunrise over the hills, and spent most of the day in shade. It was a lovely day, and I cruised into Warner Springs around 10:30. 

The community centre here is amazing. Camping, laundry, bucket showers, and I feel like a new person. Its so nice to not be smelly for a change. My food bag is full, clothes are clean, and I’m ready for another stint….tomorrow. Tonight is food and beers with my friends. 

The first week and the first hundred miles are behind me. It’s hard not to try and analyze and extrapolate the rest of the trip. 

I’ve averaged 15 miles a day, took one zero, drank X litres of water. . .

And so on, and so forth. 

But the truth is that I’m still early on in the hike. I’ve been trying to take it easy the last few days so as to not overstrain my IT band or my back. And I’ve been trying to be more mindful and present. When I find a beautiful tree overhanging a river with a really comfy looking place to sit beneath it, I stop and take a break to soak in the beauty (that may or may not be where I’m sitting and writing this post right now…okay, here’s a picture).

A blogger’s paradise?

So I’m going to take it a day at a time. And to quote a PCT legend…

“Whatever you do, do not think of Canada”

 – Billy Goat

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  1. Keep it up Sam! This is an amazing experience you’ve generously decided to let us live by proxy. May your spirits never dampen.

    Liked by 1 person

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