Happiness is a Dry Tent

Day 1:

Start: Southern Terminus (mile 0)

End: Hauser Creek (mile 15.2)

I flew into San Diego the morning of May 4th. I had planned to stay with the wonderful trail angels Scout and Frodo for two nights before hitting the trail, but they have such an efficient operation running there that I got all my errands done within a few hours of arriving. So I decided to hit the trail a day early!

I would like to take a moment to say that Scout and Frodos are wonderful, generous, and welcoming people. They picked me up at the airport, fed me, took me to get food and a phone plan, let me sleep in a tent in their backyard, helped me get my resupply planned out, and took me to the trailhead the next morning. They also had 22 other hikers (usually they have more but Scout was out hiking) staying that night that they did the same thing for – all out of the goodness of their hearts. They wouldn’t take a dime. I even had one package of food go missing en route to their place, so Frodo gave me a resupply box that had been returned to sender because the hiker never picked it up. A million thanks for making the first day of my trip go so smoothly.

The first day was hot and sunny. Too hot really, in the afternoon I felt like I was having a bit of climate shock coming from Canada. I had been hiking with a few other people, but I lagged behind in the afternoon and had to take a lot of breaks. Slow and steady. I covered 15.2 miles and camped at Hauser Canyon.

There were a couple of other Canadians staying at Scout and Frodos place last night, which meant I got to disguise my epic confusion at the terminus.

Me: J’ai une question stupide. (I have a stupid question)

Her: vas-y! (Go ahead!)

Me: ….c’est ou, le trail? (…where is the trail)

Her: Je ne sais pas non plus! (I don’t know either!)

Needless to say, we found it.

Day 2:

Start: Hauser Canyon (mile 15.2)

End: Kettle Creek (mile 29.7)

Despite planning to take two 11 mile days, then a nearo into Mt. Laguna, we rocked the first 11 mile by about 1pm and decided that it was told early to set up camp. We stopped for breakfast in Lake Morena, and took a break under the I80 overpass in the afternoon, then managed to tack an additional 4 miles by 4:00 p.m. We’re camped out beside a creek by the trail. There is apparently a huge storm coming in overnight and it’ll rain all day tomorrow, so we really want to hit Mt. Laguna to hole up in a cabin for the night. It’s only 14 miles or so, and I think the rain (or possibly snow!) tomorrow will be adequate motivation to get us there quickly.

I’m writing this post from inside my tent, eating a hot meal and listening to the wind beating against my tent. We’ve had some snow already, and there will be more overnight. It’ll be a cold one, but at the moment I am perfectly content.

Here are a few pictures of the gems I’ve been hiking with. Mette and Mike are both from Denmark (they didn’t actually come together, but met at Scout and Frodos place) and Spencer is from NYC. He was the first hiker I met here, we were both waiting at the airport for a ride to Scout and Frodos and he clearly identified me as a fellow hiker (I think the pack gave me away). We’ve also got a friend called ICU (stands for Iran – Canada – USA), which is a double entendre as he used to be a medical doctor. I’m the youngest person in my group by at least 8 years, which surprised me a little.

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